Waterfall La Igualdad

La Igualdad Waterfall
Catarata La Igualdad.
Situated on a short walk from the Agrarian Community of La Igualdad, certainly this is the highest waterfall in Guatemala! No, it is not El Salto de Chilascó. This waterfall was recently measured and indeed it surpasses El Salto de Chilascó by more than 70 meters. La Catarata La Igualdad was measured to have 201.25 meters height and despite having the professional measurements notarized, the Guatemalan institution in charge of promoting tourism has failed to promote the area or recognize it as such.
People here are incredibly friendly. Any of them will welcome you at their house to spend the night. The Community is well organized and they try to keep the forest surrounding the Waterfall clean and they give constant maintenance to the paths leading to it. Food here is great too: You got to try their Tamales!
Oh, I almost forgot! A short five minute walk from the Waterfall is a Hot Water Spring –careful, water is boiling hot-. The Community has built a series of pools for visitors, were they mix different amounts of ice cold water from the mountains with this Hot Water. Any more reasons to visit the area?

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  • How to get to La Igualdad: From San Marcos City, take a bus to Malacatan, get off the bus at San Pablo and and ask for directions to “La Igualdad” It is a straight paved road, once you are on the road, you won’t miss it. By car: From San Marcos City, take the road to Malacatan “La Costa”, and you won’t miss San Pablo. From San Pablo its an easy 15 minutes drive to the entrance.