Ceramics At San Antonio Palopo

Found this fellas lined up on the floor when I went for a tour around San Antonio Palopo, Solola. I had to bring one of them home and now he lives on my desk.

© 2013, Eli Orozco. All rights reserved.

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  • NYChapin

    cute little guys ! San Antonio Palopo was one of the places I recently visited during the Semana Santa. The town is well known for the ceramic as well as textiles. I had a chance to visit one of the handful of “workshops” in town. Did you get a chance to visit the waterfall? I attempted to reach it on my own, guided only by the friendly locals working on their “terrace” fields. Unfortunately, I did not get it there, but I found out that there are guides in town that take visitors up there.

  • Hello again NYChapin. No, I did not have a chance. It was an express trip to the lake. Only spend few minutes on each town. I will try to find the waterfall you mention on my next visit.