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Mayan Temple, City of Yaxha

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Mayan Temple, City of Yaxha.

One condition: You have to play the song while reading the post.

This conversation took place one night at a hotel on the road to the Mayan City of Tikal, the day after we had gone to the City of Yaxha.

I was talking to my tourist guide, a very well known Artist, in Guatemala. He tells me; him and his sister -who is a respected cinematographer- went at night to the Mayan City of Yaxha. His sister had a project: They were using infrared cameras to film the ruins at night. It was an usual night. They went to the City and Film the temples. A few days later they were editing the tapes and they both were shocked! They see a big light hovering on top of one of the temples they had filmed. The light is only seen on the Infrared Spectrum. “We did not see anything the night we were filming” my guide tells me with a exclamatory voice.

A few days later, I stopped at a local souvenir shop next to the pavement. The person attending the shop was a local fisherman. We had a bit long conversation: He was telling me about the fish they catch. He tells me it is best to go fishing when its raining. He tells me: but I don’t like fishing at night when raining because the mountain range behind the lake rumbles very loud. “And some times WE see a light coming out of the mountain and diving into the lake.” He tells me.