Rear-ended by a Drunken Driver in Guatemala City.
After recovering from the jolt, we approach the window of the Drunken Driver.
D. Driver: Please don’t call the cops. We can solve this here.
He reaches for a satchel bag.
D. Driver: Look, I can pay you with telling you your future.
He produces a Deck of Tarot Cards.
See! I can read you your future. I see in few years you’ll have love issues… He states.
Don’t you know who I am!? I’m a Eucharistic Minister!
Later: I’m also a Layer.
And Later: I’m “Ministro de Gobernacion”, something like Minister of the Interior, He exclaims.


© 2013, Eli Orozco. All rights reserved.

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  • Meghan

    So what did you do? Did you call the cops?

    • Elí Orozco

      Hello Meghan. Indeed, the cops showed up. Pointless because the Law here is irrational. If someone is under the influence; they can not sign a document taking responsibility for the damages, and if we want to pursue charges; both cars are taken to a holding place (corralon they call it) -unsecured location- where they will be likely vandalized and the court process will last months and months and will end up costing more than paying for the damage on my own.