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Guatemala City: How does it sound?

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Panoramica Ciudad de Guatemala por Hugo Muralles Teatro Nacional

By now, with Guatemala Daily Photo, you have a pretty good idea about how we look like, right? Occasionally we bring a few sounds here and there. But really, how Guatemala City sounds like?

Well, here’s an audible experiment brought to you by Myrna Hernandez.

To accompany this audio file, a panoramic vista from the top of the National Theater, located in zone 1.

Alta Verapaz, Part 3, The Caves

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

To end my weekend trip to Alta Verapaz we turned to Grutas del Rey Marcos, a cave complex a few minutes drive from Coban. These caves were discovered (or cataloged) in 1998, and still some areas are unexplored due to the water level.
Helmets and boots are required to enter the complex and is better if you bring your own flashlight because the ones they provide are very dim. Photographing at this location was rather difficult because I entered with a large group and they all were moving around, pointing their flashlights to my photos.
More tomorrow: How We Guatemalans have fun.
The Caves