Alta Verapaz, Part 5, Falling in Love.

Let me be honest with you. I am not a big fan of Urban Guatemala, with just one exception; Antigua. Until now!
Since I moved back to Guatemala, I have been to Cobán, Capital City of Alta Verapaz in several occasions, mostly as a transit point. But every time there was something that captivated my mind.
Walking the streets of Cobán will submerge all of your senses in exquisite fillings. Very early in the morning -or late on an all nighter- you can sense the delicious smell of bread being baked, in fact Cobán is famous for their delightful bread, and trust me, that smell is something you ought to experience. At night there are Churrascos -Grilled meats- around Central Park, their prices are incredible low and quality is great. A friend recommended a Churrasco at Parque San Marcos, the meat there was amazing, their chimichurri sauce really hit the spot. Things here are genuine -forgive me for saying this- not like other places where things have the feeling of being tourist traps or plainly a suck on. Their Architecture still has thing to marvel at, not much of its Colonial Architecture is preserved as in La Antigua Guatemala, but you still find colonial houses and buildings. I am still in love with La Antigua Guatemala, but I have to admit my love affair with Cobán.

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