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Street Art: Graffiti

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

If I’m not wrong, this graffiti depicts two Zapatistas. What is a Zapatista? Well, I rather have this song explain it to you: Zapata’s Blood.

I found this graffiti at USAC, which is the oldest University of Guatemala, and the only public one too.
Street Art: Graffiti

Laguna de Candelaria

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Most Guatemalans have heard of this lagoon, but I always thought it was called: Laguna de Ipala -Ipala Lagoon-. Everyone calls it that. At the summit there is a big billboard telling a bit about the lagoon and to my surprise, the real name is Laguna de Candelaria.
This is a location one has to visit! It is less than a three hour drive from Guatemala City and there is a road to the summit accessible by 4 wheel drive vehicles. There is another road, the one I took. From that parking lot it is an easy 45 minutes (if you are in good shape) to the top. To my surprise; the road is very very clean, I did not see any trash along the way, not like most tourist landmarks here in Guatemala, and they have trash receptacles along the way.
The visitor center has very friendly and informative crew. Talk to them and you’ll hear some history of the place.
The lagoon is clean: I was snorkeling and found no trash or any signs of pollutants. I love snorkeling, it shows you another world bellow the surface. Here you can find these tiny fish with black stripes and a few different species of molluscs.
Candelaria Lagon
view from summit