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Mercado de San Lucas

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

I am a person who always likes to try new things. I try to avoid going to the same restaurant too often, that way I’ll be forcing myself to try something different, something new. Mercado de San Lucas, a local market on the road to La Antigua Guatemala, offers a great selection of restaurants, with a great selection of grilled meats and poultry. I’ve tried many of the food stands but I keep coming back to the same one. Their meats are grilled to perfection, the Atol de Elote is delicious and the chicken is to die for.
I started my meal with a cup of Atol de Elote, followed by a Tortilla con Adovado, and then a Tortilla con Carne de Res (with grill beef) and top it off with a Tostada de Guacamol. All this for less than $6.50.
One thing: Everyone I know calls it “Mercado de San Lucas”, which for some time I did too. Until not long ago, walking the streets of San Lucas I found the Real “Mercado de San Lucas”.  And upon paying more attention I saw the name of the  “Mercado”  with the food stands, but I can remember it right now. Again Guatemalans not calling things by their right name.
Atol de Elote