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Thursday, July 25th, 2013


Our language has been invaded by Anglicisms. At some point, it seems that advertising industry is trying to impose it on the consumer. But the uses of Anglicisms don’t stay there. They have become implemented on daily speech, specially used –over used- by young people.

In reference to the use of Anglicisms, the Philologist Raissa Kordic states: The importance of the issue is that has everything to do with our Cultural Identity, with the strength of the culture of a country, that if you are going to end up being “occupied” by another culture. The English language has pride in its self; it constantly recycles its words. Spanish can do it as well. Our language –Spanish- has a vast richness. What does not exist can be invented. But sometimes words are replaced when there are better alternatives –in Spanish-.”

I do agree with her, when she implies the weakness of a culture when its language is taken over by another.

Any thought?