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Sunday, August 11th, 2013

More of the foods available to us here.
A couple of months ago, two friends of mine came to visit me. One of them was told by a friend who came to Guatemala before her, that food was bad, there were no options and only rise and beans was her diet for several days. My friend was expecting something like that, but we ended up having a great food experience. Here in Guatemala you can have a fabulous meal for Q100 or les than $15 U.S. of A. Dollars. (Well, out of the range for the Guatemalan working class.) But for those of you used to the First World currencies, restaurant prices are a bargain.
Yesterday the Chef prepared this special dish for me: a 12oz chicken breast with red wine sauce, fruit salad, and some of the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever tried. Oh man, this dish was to die for, specially that wine sauce. and to top it of; a delicious freshly made Red Sangria.

All this for Q50 or $6.40 U.S. of a Dollars.
Pollo Asado