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Volcano Eruption

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Yesterday I captured a couple of seconds of Volcan Pacaya during an eruption.
Volcano Eruption

Westernization of our available food

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Maybe I’m living in the wrong side of town!?

Since I moved back to Guatemala, I’ve found rather difficult to eat regional, autochthonous, or native foods.

If you have had the pleasure of having been to France, I’m sure you did not have trouble finding Crêpes, or those delicious Stuffed Artichokes (love those from Bretagne), or if you have been to China, there is no difficulty in finding dumplings or any regional food.

If you have been to Guatemala, probably you left without trying any “real” regional food.  Not long ago, two friends of mine flew from the States to visit me. They arrived late at night, I wanted to have them eat an authentic Guatemalan meal as their first meal in the country. I failed to find a restaurant offering it. Their first meal in the country was T Bell.

Today I got stuck home, I had to go find something quick to eat. There are tacos (Mexican of origin), hot dogs, shucos (Guatemalan version of a Hot Dog), but nothing really regional. I ended up getting a burger (I know, I’m pathetic).

Don’t take me wrong; there is a lot of different foods available here in Guatemala, fine cuisine, international restaurants; but almost none offering autochthonous styles. Believe me! This far; I only know of five restaurant here in the city that feature some (not the entire menu) real Guatemalan dishes.

Oh, the friends I mention failed to try any regional Guatemalan food during their 7 days stay, except for some Cocos Locos we drank in Izabal.

Authentic Guatemalan Food