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Monday, September 9th, 2013

I hear a know on my door.
I open and its a street vendor.
He carries a basket with Oranges, tangerines, apples, bananas and Lichas.
Lichas or Rangutan.
I’ve eaten this fruit several times here in Guatemala. I had never seen it until I moved back here.
I’ve travel a lot in the country side and I’ve seen many many signs offering “Rangutan”. It was only a few months ago when I stopped at one of these shops on the side of the road and ask for Rangutan that I found out that Rangutan and Lichas are the same. For some reason they called them Lichas here in Guatemala City and Rangutan in the countryside.
It is very tasty, light sweetness with a mild acidity on the finish. the edible part of the fruit is a somewhat thin layer surrounding the seed. One chews on the seed to detach the edible layer. The flavor is something unique, I can get to compare it to anything else.
Q10 or $1.25 a dozen. Or! after I bought several items from him, he gave me two dozens for Q15 or $1.90.

Of Cattle and Discrimination

Monday, September 9th, 2013

This is a horrible discrimination story I heard while driving with a friend through Izabal, heading to Peten.
We were on Puente Rio Dulce and we saw this cattle transport and we started talking about the cattle business there in Peten. My friend tells me a story of a friend of his who invested in cattle in Peten. He raised the cattle and when it was ready, he hired a transport to take them cattle to the slaughterhouse, where they pay cash for the heads of cattle. He went to the first slaughterhouse and sold almost half of the load. He goes to a second slaughterhouse and sells a few more, goes to a third slaughterhouse and sells the remaining cattle: Except for one!
No body wanted to buy that last one because it was ugly. He went to another slaughterhouse, he lower the price but no one would buy that last head of cattle because it was ugly!
He tried and tried for the rest of the day without success. He had to sell it because he had no place to take the cattle back to and he did not live in Peten permanently.
He failed on finding a buyer, goes to a hardware store and buys a machete and butchers the zebu himself. Starts a fire on the side of the road and has a huge barbecue for everyone around.
Cattle Transport Izabal