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Museo Miraflores

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

My fiancée and and I went to Miraflores Mall, a very well known shopping center here in Guatemala City.
She went to see a movie and while I waited for her; I took some time to visit the museum next to the mall.
Of course I have to tell you the good and the bad.
The museum is beautiful and it has a great collection of Mayan artifacts.
The bad: The Museum is connected to the shopping mall, where thousands of people walk in everyday, the entrance fee is a meager Q15/$1.90, cheap enough even for Guatemalan standars. I spent almost two hours walking the museum corridors, reading about the pieces, taking notes and photographs. All this time no other person walked to the museum. I had the entire place for my self. Cm’on! We have inherited an amazing gift. These artifacts are the legacy of a great saga our ancestors experienced and it disappoints me that only a few Guatemalans show interest in learning about it.
Mayan Artifacts, Museo Miraflores

Mayan Artifacts

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The Museum

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