Livingston, Izabal

Livingston, Izabal
Livingston, called La Buga by the Garifuna inhabitants.

If you want an escape from the cold U.S.A. or European winters, this is the place to be. Locals are very amicable and fun.
Water is perfect for swimming -not so great for snorkeling; too murky-. I discovered something here: They make a drink called: Coco Loco. Simple: they open up a hole on a coconut leaving its water inside, they pour a good dose of local rum and give it a good mix. They are incredibly refreshing and tasty.
If you like seafood, this is the place too. They use the catch of the day at local restaurants.
I had a lot of fun at the hotel’s pool. I got concierge to get me a long stick and my gringo friends and I were able to bring some coconuts down from some palm trees around the pool. Always carry a machete with you so you can cut them open.
and last: I was exploring the town late at night and I came across this bar. They were playing live Garifuna Music. It called my attention and I entered it. I always ask! Well, the songs they were playing and singing were in the Garifuna language. Many of the song tell the story of how they arrived in Guatemala. When you get here ask locals for this bar, everyone knows it.
Oh, one more thing on a funny note: Our first night there we go to a local “Thai” restaurant. Most of the menu was not Thai, the decor was more Europeanish, they were constantly playing Arab Music. We had a great laugh here. Food was filling and good quality. Stop by if you are around.

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