Quetzalteca Rosa de Jamaica.
This is a very delicious Hibiscus infused liquor. There is an interesting story behind this.
When I left Guatemala, there was just one Quetzalteca -the unflavored one-. I come back and find Rosa de Jamaica, and later a Horchata infused Quetzalteca.
Quetzalteca unflavored was a very inexpensive alcoholic drink, not so great tasting and known to be the drink of choice of the poor, uneducated and your last resort; sort of the Cossack or Popov vodka equivalent in Guatemala.
Not long ago they change their strategy and created these new flavors, gave the brad a more refined appeal and targeted the young crowds.
It did work and to be honest, it is quite delicious. Have a glass next time you are in Guatemala.

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  • begonia

    But it still burns!! Our friend brings this up for us when she visits. Thanks for the background. Sounds kind of like how Pabst was able to transform its reputation in the US.

    • begonia

      Question: is this what you would call “aguardiente”? I have always wondered what exactly aguardiente was.

      • Elí Orozco

        Hello Begonia. Indeed it is aguardiente. And aguardientes are basically distilled alcohol drinks. Basically any Spirit would be an Aguardiente.