Campesino March

Where are you coming from I asked a female on the march. I came from (near) Raxruha, she says. We left the town at 1am to be here at 7 (am). I saw another woman with a Raxruha style Mayan dress carrying a child on her back. On one of the photos you could see another female who walked all the way with high heels.

I asked another person: Where are you coming from? From Huehue (Huehuetenango Province). And what time you left your town, I asked. We left at midnight because roads are bad, he states.  These are people with strong convictions; Hombres de Maiz we called them, Men of Maize.

I rode my bike, they all walked. My bicycle computer tells me it was more than 9 miles from where they started to the renderzvous point at Parque Central. More than two thousand (my count) people walk almost 10 miles to make their voices heard. Their slogans were: We work hard to feed the country and we are excluded from government programs, Our lands are stolen from us to plant bio-fuels (African Oil Palm), The Government says they give us help, but all those are lies, among many others.

It was a very peaceful march, flanked by a light contingent of police forces.

This is the Guatemala we live in, full of injustices and voices not heard.

Marcha Campesina

© 2013, Eli Orozco. All rights reserved.

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