A simple leisure day in Guatemala

A very interesting leisure day here in Guatemala.
Rode my bicycle to the province of Escuintla to checkout the crops on my farm.
Of course I forgot my personal pass (without it you have to pay) for the water park but I explained to the crew I had one and they were nice enough to let me in without asking much and I spent some time at the pool after working on my land.
It was rainy on my way back, I had to stop riding my bike and boarded a chicken bus.
It was raining so hard, at some point I could not see 4 feet infront of us, I’ve no idea how the bus driver managed to keep going.
Streets downtown Escuintla City were flooded!

Just another day here in Guatemala…..
Chicken bus? How should we call them?




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  • Nice story about your day.

    • Elí Orozco

      Thanks Stefan, there are always interesting things happening in here in Guatemala.. A quick trip to Quiche tomorrow, hopefully I’ll get some nice photos. cheers…

  • Begonia

    Hahaha, did the mannequins have to pay pasaje?

    • Elí Orozco

      Hello Begonia.
      Indeed, mannequins do have to pay pasaje, in fact; anyone or anything that takes seat space has to pay pasaje. Even my bicycle paid a fare to ride on the roof of the bus.