Quetzalteca Rosa de Jamaica in a can!
This is something I noticed recently and and I have no clue since when it has been available, and finally I bought it and tried it.
It is very tasty and easy to drink with a 16 proof, perfect for a hot day.
And just a $1 would get you one of these cans.
Tchin Tchin…
Oh, one more thing: Most Guatemalans call Quetzalteca “Indita”. I personally avoid that term because the word “Indita” is a diminutive of the word “India”, which Guatemalans constantly use a a pejorative and a racist insult, a word that is constantly used to refer to the indigenous people of the country.
So, whenever you can, I advise you to use the real name “Quetzalteca” and avoid the Guatemalan’s name “Indita”.

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