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A day in Zone 10

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Zone 10 is the Premium business district of Guatemala City.
I am not a big fan of urban areas, specially here in Guatemala, but I do have to admit, from above it looks impressive, serene and yes; beautiful.
For lunch, if you are a devote carnivore, you have to check out this place.
It is a very simple meal, a slightly season, good size piece of meat, served with a small cut of cheese and a slice of jalapeno pepper. Perfect! The meat is what it should be, cooked to perfection, very juicy and flavorful.
Here you don’t get distracted by any sides, you get your meat and some bread and olive oil: That’s it! but as I said; if you are a devote carnivore you’ll love this meal.
The price is a bit high for Guatemalan standards, but you get a good size steak and of great quality.
Paying for parking (Q10) at the restaurant is something that does not seat well with me. I don’t think it is coherent when two costumers buy two full meals and drinks, tip the staff and on top of that, they have to pay to park their vehicle at the restaurant’s parking lot. It is not much; Q10/$1.25, but in principle I find it offensive. But I guess that’s the norm here in Guatemala.
Bon appétit..
for the name of the restaurant you just have to ask. ūüėÄ
Zone 10, Guatemala City