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Tres Pueblos, by Proyeccion Folklorica Zoel Valdes

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

First Act depicts the daily life and dancing of the Chorti People, an ethnic group of Mayan origin.

Second act depicts life and dancing of the Garifuna People, brought to the country as slaves during colonial times.

Third act is about Day of the Death and kite flying. For Mayan people, the flight of kites symbolizes the journey of relatives soul to the after life. If the kite flies high; it means the soul is ascending to heaven. If the kite is having trouble gaining altitude and stability; it means the soul is going to the purgatory. And if the kite fails to lift or dives down, it means the soul is going to hell. Think about it next time you see them kites.

The Artists:

Proyección Folklórica Zoel Valdés at Teatro Abril

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Actors of Proyección Folklórica Zoel Valdés, founded by Professor and Folklorist Zoel Arturo Valdés Molina, with 35 years of experience interpreting Guatemalan Folklore and Traditions.
It was a three acts play. I’ll have more photos tomorrow.
Young Casting

Violonchelo En El Palacio: Ricardo del Carmen Fortuny

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Well, the art festival at zone 1 it’s over; what could be better than a cello concert in the Presidential Palace?  I had the chance to see this guatemalan musician before;  Ricardo del Carmen Fortuny also directs choirs, for example.

Authentic Guatemalan Food Menu

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

This is what you can get at Mercado Monumento El Caminero.stop by on your way to La Antigua and you won’t be disapointed.

Rainy Season is Over

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Rainy Season is over here in Guatemala and these are the days we are specting now until May next year.
Zona 11

Zona 11

Zona 11

Highway Food

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

When traveling here in Guatemala, it is very rare to find decent/elegant independently owned restaurants. You won’t have trouble finding chain restaurants or “comedores“.
Highway Restaurant
Here is one of those rare independent restaurants offering great food.
By the way, our two full meals and drinks where less than $17, including tip. We also got two bowls of soup of the day and a cup of coffee not in the photographs, all for the stated price.

Highway food: Michelada

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

This is a Michelada. Ill have a gallery tomorrow when I get back home. tchin tchin….

Ballet Folklórico Independiente de Guatemala

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Ballet Folklórico por Hugo Muralles

What a wonderful show we saw thanks to these talented artists, Myrna already wrote a review about the park where this show took place.  El centro it’s a great place to be these days, we have activities for one more week.


Food: Jocotes

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Here is something every Guatemalan knows, Jocotes with a ground and roasted squash seeds, limes juice and salt.

The Guatemalan Poet and Performer: Simón Pedroza

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Simón Pedroza en el Festival Del Centro Histórico Guatemala por Hugo Muralles

He always has been this sort of ghost for me, I’ve see him at night, always at night… really late in the night and then he disappears.  That’s more than enough for me, I’m pleased with the legend, with his ability to slip away and move something inside of you.  And that’s what I really want you to know about his persona: The mysticism and the caliber of his words.

He’s a great poet and performer, the best I’ve ever seen live.  Just today, I had the chance to see him for the second time ever, I don’t think he does much performances this days, but I’m not sure, he has been doing it for over fifteen years now.

So, if you have the opportunity to catch him someday in a live performance, don’t miss him, he may be without notice in the evening’s program.


Saturday, November 9th, 2013

While living in the States, a couple of years ago I was following the news of a former Guatemalan President being detained and sent to prison for several charges. One of the images on Guatemalan TV news was one that really called my attention. It was this congress man going to visit former El Presidente to jail, congressman brings a couple of bags of something I could not distinguish. I asked my now fiance if she knew what that was, she tells me “That’s Pollo Brujo!”. Since then, I’ve been craving to try that.
And here it is! It is very tasty and healty, not over seasoned and it is chard broiled. Very simple but tasty, got to top it with some lime juice and it is perfect. Good enough for an imprisoned Presidente, good enough for Eli.

Co-Working Space in Guatemala

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Chamba Co-Working Space Guatemala City by Hugo Muralles

Several months ago I was writing about how many people and myself was actually using a few coffee shops in the city as a (co)working space, chances are you don’t get to see how this is not the standard but, let me tell you, moving around the city with expensive equipment (cameras, computers and other gadgets) it’s for adventurous and fearless people. That being said, not all the battles are lost.

Follow the Freelance Diaries in the archives.

El Qüid it’s one of the two co-working spaces I’ve come to know in the city.  The other one it’s called “Chamba” each one a few steps away in zone 4. This area in the city once was also know for having the best partys but also for its decline from a comercial point of view; now, another story begin, involving hard working people. But that’s not the only thing… tonight, actually, I’m gonna stay here (at El Qüid) for a documentary projection; they have cultural activities which as you may know by now, I’m all for it.

Freelance Diaries: Get out there, speak, listen.

This is my first time in El Qüid, there’s good music in the background, coffee and beer, although, is a bit empty right now. The idea may be great, and the price is certainly fair.  It’s for the people to choose if this it’s a good idea or not.   Ernesto, one of the heads of this place, was kind enough to let me stay today for the rest of the afternoon, at this point they offer weekly and monthly plans. There’s still some construction and noise going on, but you just have to be patient I guess.

Kudos for El Qüid, good lighting, background music, reasonable prices, frendly people, interesting events, keep up the good work!