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Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Don’ t you love third world countries burocracy!?
I lost my state ID and had to come to the registry to get a new one.
I came Tuesday and they tell me they weren’t giving line numbers for any of the services, you have to come back tomorrow they say. Came back early Wednesday and staid in line for  8 hours to be given a bill to go pay at a bank near by, went to the bank inmediatly and paid the bill, came back to the resgistry right after and when i arrive they tell me they are not taking any new people in line: you have to comeback tomorrow, they say. I come back early Thursday and they put me in a line for 30 minutes where i was given a piece of paper to write down my personal info. After that I have to join another line where they have one slow person attending the line, which has only move 3 spaces in two hours, ans there are 45 people before I, where they (hopefuly) will attend my request for a new ID.