Co-Working Space in Guatemala

Chamba Co-Working Space Guatemala City by Hugo Muralles

Several months ago I was writing about how many people and myself was actually using a few coffee shops in the city as a (co)working space, chances are you don’t get to see how this is not the standard but, let me tell you, moving around the city with expensive equipment (cameras, computers and other gadgets) it’s for adventurous and fearless people. That being said, not all the battles are lost.

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El Qüid it’s one of the two co-working spaces I’ve come to know in the city.  The other one it’s called “Chamba” each one a few steps away in zone 4. This area in the city once was also know for having the best partys but also for its decline from a comercial point of view; now, another story begin, involving hard working people. But that’s not the only thing… tonight, actually, I’m gonna stay here (at El Qüid) for a documentary projection; they have cultural activities which as you may know by now, I’m all for it.

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This is my first time in El Qüid, there’s good music in the background, coffee and beer, although, is a bit empty right now. The idea may be great, and the price is certainly fair.  It’s for the people to choose if this it’s a good idea or not.   Ernesto, one of the heads of this place, was kind enough to let me stay today for the rest of the afternoon, at this point they offer weekly and monthly plans. There’s still some construction and noise going on, but you just have to be patient I guess.

Kudos for El Qüid, good lighting, background music, reasonable prices, frendly people, interesting events, keep up the good work!

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  • This is great Hugo. Can you expand on the prices for a week and month in both co-working spaces? Also, wasn’t the Tec supposed to be a co-working space as well? If so, that would make three co-working spaces, all located on zone 4.

    • Hugo

      En el qüid son más cool, están proyectando a Kubrick por ejemplo, y ahi se ganan mi corazón. En el TEC ya hay empresas establecidas maquilando pero realmente nunca me ha invitado a llegar,
      tienen un co-working space en el séptimo nivel parece, y yo ni
      enterado, así de aislados están –

  • Nice post! I haven’t found the place of the Quid, someone can provide me with location information ..

  • Trudy

    I would love to go check out these places! Do you have addresses?

  • str

    OK, so this post was a couple of months ago. What’s your comments half a year later?