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The Guatemalan Poet and Performer: Simón Pedroza

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Simón Pedroza en el Festival Del Centro Histórico Guatemala por Hugo Muralles

He always has been this sort of ghost for me, I’ve see him at night, always at night… really late in the night and then he disappears.  That’s more than enough for me, I’m pleased with the legend, with his ability to slip away and move something inside of you.  And that’s what I really want you to know about his persona: The mysticism and the caliber of his words.

He’s a great poet and performer, the best I’ve ever seen live.  Just today, I had the chance to see him for the second time ever, I don’t think he does much performances this days, but I’m not sure, he has been doing it for over fifteen years now.

So, if you have the opportunity to catch him someday in a live performance, don’t miss him, he may be without notice in the evening’s program.