A day at La Reunion Golf Resort in Alotenango

First I have to clarify: people who recommended me this location for breakfast told me it was in La Antigua Guatemala. No! It is not in La Antigua Guatemala, is on the neighboring municipality; Alotenango.
Breakfast is nothing that would blow out your taste buds, it is just another “Pastiche” Guatemalan Breakfast.
And it is way overpriced. But, but, the view, the location makes it worth the price. Shhh, or you can just go in and don’t consume anything and enjoy the installations, they will not notice.

As I say all the time: Do talk to the locals. I spend some time talking to a local landscaper and he offered a ride on his “mule”, a landscaping vehicle. He tells me about the local fauna around the resort. We’ve seen skunks, armadillos, coaties, wild boar, deer, etc.
And have you seen Quetzals? I asked.
Yes, we have seen Quetzals in the area he replies. Quetzal are very rare and usually you have to go a a reservation to see them, if you are lucky.
Hector even invited me to go hunting with him sometime. He lives very close to the resort, in the neighboring village.
Overpriced Breakfast

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Driving the ball

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The golf course

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