Circo Rey Gitano

Circo Rey Gitano is one of the oldest circus here in Guatemala.
The founder of the circus lived in my neighborhood when I was a child, in the same street block in fact.
When I was a child I remembered that family. Often we’ll see them doing stunts on motorcycles. Once in a while they would bring circus animals to their house, they would bring elephants to graze to the forest in front of my house.
I came to Guatemala early in 2005 and spent a few months living in my childhood’s home. One of my neighbors asked me to help her children with their English homework. I helped them for a couple of months and then I left once again for the States.

Circus is in town

The circus moved to the town where I’m living, a month ago. I’ve seen it on the side of the highway and didn’t have time to stop by until yesterday.
The circus starts the show at 7:30. I got there very early to try to take some photos of the animals. I arrived around 6:15. When I arrived, I stared at a young boy close to the entrance. He looked very familiar. And then I tell him: I do know you.. and it hit me: You are the boy who I helped with his English homework.
Ah yes, I do remember you, he tells me.
After a small chat, I could deduce his mother had inherited the circus. He invites me to go see the animals, of course, to an area not open for all visitors. It was too dark so no good photographs could be taken. But he invited me to come tomorrow (today) earlier in the day to have better light.

Since I was I child I’ve always admired Bengal and Siberian Tigers. One of my dreams is to see them in their habitat.
Last night, of the Siberian Tigers at the circus had its paw sticking outside the cage while he (she?) was asleep. Eli dares reaching for its paw and caress it a couple of times (Don’t you dare doing the same!). I’m a cat lover and that was a wonderful feeling, been so close and able to touch that amazing feline.

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