Circo Rey Gitano

I went for a second visit to the circus, Circo Rey Gitano, Guatemala’s oldest and most famous circus.
This time I went a little earlier to take a better look at the animals.
Do visit your local circus, they take great care of their animals and they are very enthusiastic of their performance, despite all difficulties.

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  • It id forbidden to have wild animals in a circus in Sweden.

    • Elí Orozco

      Thanks for reading Stefan. There are a lot of people here in Guatemala that do not like animals at the circus either. In fact they have proposed legislation to ban the use of animals at their performances.
      I think these people are taking a stance without knowing in deep enough about the issue. The people at the circus love their animals. They feed them well and take great care of them.
      They told me the story of how once one of their animals was kidnapped and they went all over the city looking for it. They place banners and gave out flyers offering a reward for it.
      They recovered the animal after they paid a ransom to the person who had kidnapped it.
      Recently, this circus donated the elephant they have in exhibit at the Guatemalan Zoo, because it was becoming more difficult to care for it and they did not want anything bad to happen to that elephant.