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Of Tacos and Bastardization of a Language

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

A rather funny story!

Last night I went to a very famous “Mexican tacos” restaurant here in Guatemala City.
I asked the waitress for a drink and then asked her in proper Spanish “Are drinks unlimited”, as free refilling of your drink has become very popular at restaurants here in Guatemala. The waitress excuses herself and asks me what had I said.
¿Las bebidas son ilimitadas? Are drinks unlimited? I asked once again.
She stares at me with a brief pause and says: I’m sorry, I don’t understand you.
I look towards my wife, I sigh and turned my sight towards the waitress and speaking slowly I tell her: “Tienen Refill” Do you have refills. I very mediocre and bastardized Spanish, very common in Guatemala.
It really gets me that proper Spanish would not be understood, and a corrupted form with an anglicism would.
Well, tacos were good by the way.
This is what you get for $7. US. Dollars!