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Guatemalans’ Campfire Stories: El Señoron

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Campfire Stories
Identities omitted to preserve privacy, all told by the people who lived them

El Señoron
Four Hikers, three males, two of them professionals and a female
We hiked up that volcano and we reached the summit very fast. We had some spare time some we decided to cook and eat lunch on the summit.
We were having fun by the fire and the female drops the pot with boiling water on the foot of one of the two professional mountaineers.
We had to rush down the volcano to get the injury treated. He was in so much pain he could not walk. He had to be carried by two of the male hikers, while I (the remaining experienced mountaineer) and the female walk behind the group.
At some point the female next to me asks me: Hey, who is the woman walking along the other three hikers?
You are the only woman here with us I tell her, while I slowly turned my head towards the leading hikers and see a silhouette of a woman walking next to them. I was shocked without noticing it, the silhouette disappears.
Sometime later we came back to the same volcano and the hike up was perfect, the road was clear and weather was nice. On our way back there were hundreds of branches, recently cut, blocking the same clear road we had just passed, impossible for a human to do so much work in so little time.
Later while talking to some locals we tell them about our strange experiences at that volcano and asked them if they had witnessed such thing here before.
One of the locals tells us: Ese es el señoron! That’s the Big Mister, later explaining that’s how they called the Devil in that town. “In fact, there is a cave with a drawing of El Señoron and people come here to worship him and to talk with him..” the local tells.