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Guatemalans’ Campfire Stories: The Guardian of the Mountain

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Guardian of the Mountain
By a experienced Guatemalan mountaineer
We were a small group of hikers, on our way down from the summit; I decided to stay behind the group.
There was nobody else at the summit, just us.
I started walking down and all of the sudden I hear steps behind me. I stopped walking and the steps stopped as well. I continue walking and I hear the noise of the road stones being kicked. I tell myself this is very strange but I continue walking and I continue hearing those footsteps behind me.
I got so scared I had to stop and it just occurred to me to talk out loud.
I know you are the guardian of the mountain and look, we did not cause any harm and did not leave any trash behind and now we are leaving in peace.
I continue walking and the noise, the steps behind me were gone.IMG_7653