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Guatemalans’ Campfire Stories: UFOs

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

By a respected Guatemalan Mountaineer

I friend of mine and I were on a very long hike on the mountain range. This is a beautiful hike, you get to walk on this mountain pass where to your left and right you have an open view of the low lands.
We were walking here when we noticed a strange shape light on the sky on or right side. It was a cylindrical shape, it was static, it did not move, which seemed very strange for us. We were staring at it for a while and all of the sudden it starts moving away very fast and it disappears in the distance.
We were shock by the experience we had to stop walking and just lay on the grass for a little while.
Later we pickup ourselves and keep on walking. Not much later we once again see something in the sky. This time there we two identical lights, cylindrical in shape too, on the sky above us.
We stare at the lights and we witnessed a beam of light emitted by one of the lights towards the other light. And not long after that event, the two lights disappear.
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