Another Great Steak here in Guatemala

Here is some great meat you can get at La Plazuela, a fine restaurant located on one of the most affluent zones of Guatemala City.

You can get a fantastic meal here for less than $20 per person. There is only a handful of restaurants known for great quality steaks here in Guatemala and this is one of them.
Bon Appétit..

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  • Matt

    I haven’t eaten there. Is it as good as La Estancia near the US Embassy? I have eaten there twice and absolutely love it.

    • Elí Orozco

      Thanks for reading Matt. To be honest with you; I’ve grown tired of La Estancia. I usually buy the “ejecutivos” menu, but lately their portions have shrunk and they have risen their prices. It is still good for the money but you don’t get much meat.
      I do like La Plazuela much better and it is not far from zone 10. Trust me, beef is of much better quality and better size portions.
      In my opinion: #1 Donde Mikel Zone 10, #2 Media Cancha Zone 9, #3 La Plazuela Zone 9, #4Ni Fu ni Fa La Antigua Guatemala, I would place La Estancia around # 9 or 10…

      • Elí, don’t forget the 8-oz cheese hamburger special at La Estancia. That’s always a good value meal. I do agree with you about the other places to eat a good steak, although I haven’t tried La Plazuela Z. 9 yet. Let’s have lunch or dinner soon. I’ll be in GuateCity tomorrow around sunset time.

        • Elí Orozco

          I’ll be a campesino working my land in Escuintla tomorrow Rudy. If I get back early enough, sure I’ll be there…

  • Matt

    I wish I could join you both. But I am not sure any steak is worth flying to Guatemala from South Carolina USA. I wish I had the money to find out if it would be worth it!