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Garifuna Food: Tortillas de Harina

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

I spent some time in Guatemala City yesterday and while I was looking for something to eat, I noticed this Garifuna name at a restaurant. Of course, I love Garifuna food. I felt in love with it when I visited the town of Livingston, on Guatemala’s Atlantic Coast. I had looked for Garifuna food here in Guatemala for a while and I was unable to find any: Too bad!
This restaurant came to rescue me! They opened for business only eight months ago. The place is very small, only four tables and a couple of bar stools. They have a decent variety of Garifuna food, to my delight, they had Tortillas de Harina -flour torillas- The name does not imply much, but they are ginormous and usually they come with a healthy spread of mayonnaise, the tortilla is usually topped with your choice of meat, lettuce salad, fried black beans, rices, some chirmol, grilled potatoes, and scallions.
This place had it perfect! and you’ll be shocked! One of these monsters costs: Q20, $2.60 U.S. Dollars.
This is the Tortilla de Harina at: La Buga, a gariguna style restaurant, close Plaza Mayor, Downtown Guatemala.

la buga