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Naj Tunich

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Naj Tunich, house of stones in a local mayan language,  is a cave system 39 kilometers from Poptùn, Petèn.
The cave contains several Mayan burial sites, some of them with elaborate stone constructions. When archaeologist arrived at the cave, all burials sites had been looted. The cave is known to have extensive mayan writing on its walls. Most of the Mayan writing on the cave was damaged beyond restoration around 9 years ago, when someone entered the cave and vandalized the glyphs and drawings with some type of black paint.

Luckily, photographs of the writing and drawings were available, and around seven years ago, a small team of artists created some replicas, now on an exhibit on a separate cave a short 10 minutes walk from Naj Tunich.