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A piece of Paradise

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Balneario (a swimmming place)Las Pozas is located 5 miles from Dolores, Petèn; on a very car friendly dirt road.
When you arrived at the Balneario, you are greeted by the owner, who is very friendly and courteous.
He got a very beautiful set up; there is beautiful soccer field to entertain guests, showers and well maintained WC, stone grills and some impressive, massive granite table tops. And if you travel during weekdays, you might have the entire place to yourself.
And if you are lucky enough; you might have arrived when earlier a neighbor hunted and killed a Tepesquintle, a very large rodent, and you get invited to have it for lunch.
The river is one of the wonders this beautiful land has to offer,turquoise waters, might feel too cold at first but after you’ve dove into the water you’ll love it.
These waters are great for snorkeling, of course I brought my equipment and dove down to explore the rock formations. You’ll be amzed if you dare doing the same. The water has formed sevaral pools, perfect for swimming and has shapped some very impressive crevasses.