I’ve come across a small relief map of the country of Guatemala at a small shopping center here in 6th avenue, downtown Guatemala City.
What is really interesting is that it shows 50% of Belize’s territory as  belonging to Guatemala.
Here is something for an international crisis!!
Oh by the way; yes that land was stolen by the British.. Shhh…


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  • JB

    How did the British steal Belize? It was settled by the British. The Conquistadors did not settle that land. Just because the Conquistadors in the surrounding lands were defeated does mean that the Criollos were entitled to take Belize.

    • Elí Orozco

      There are hundreda of details regarding this issue, but I will attempt to sum it up.
      When the British brought slaves and settle in the territory, it was part of Guatemala, through a series of contracts to obtain resources from the lands, the British claimed more territory, eventually expansing twice the size stated under previous agreements.
      If you travel to that beautiful country, you will notice most of the population is not related to those settlers brought by the British. In fact; most people on Orange Walk are Guatemalan related. In fact they read Guatemalan news papers and not Belize’s.