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Argentine food in Guatemala City

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

My wife watches a TV show every night and they constantly announce an Argentine restaurant. Well, we decided to go check it out, and here is the verdict: First we tried their “Empanadas”, Latin American style pasties. They feature two kinds; beef or chicken, we tried them both. They are incredibly tasty, stuffed with egg yolks and other spices. In my opinion, the best were the chicken ones, and the sauce they come with is the perfect combination.
Next we had a side of the barbecue chicken wings, they were great too, though I rather not focus on USA style foods.
And I as a main course I decided to try their Milanesa a la Parmesana, Chicken Parmesan, Oh man, this really hit the spot!
You just have to have it with a bottle of wine and that’s all you’ll need to start a great night.
Oh, by the way, I really love the decor at this restaurant, check’em out next time you are craving something tasty around Guatemala City’s Zone 10.
And the empanadas are 3 for Q30/$3.90. If you have a small appetite you’ll only need the empanadas, and they come with a green salad. The Milanesa a la Parmesana was Q40/$5.20 and a bottle of wine for less than $10 dollars. What else do you need?

Bon appetite at La Salteña!