Fuentes Georginas

Las Fuentes Georginas, hot springs were discovered by two peasants from the town of Zunil, in the year 1902. Later the springs were turned into communal bathing pools.
The name comes from the wife of former Guatemalan dictator Jorge Ubico. Ubico’s wife used to frequent the hot springs for relaxation and vacationing. And in her honor the hot springs were named Fuentes Georginas. If they are good for a dictator’s wife, they are good for Elí!
The water temperature is about 89F, heated by magma deposits from the Zunil and Santa Maria Volcanoes.
Getting to these hot springs is very easy, a short bus ride from Xelaju, Quetzaltenango to the town of Zunil, and from here it is an easy 8 kilometers ride to the Fuentes Georginas. And the ride’s view is amazing. This area is Guatemala’s – and some people tell me: Central America’s- bread basket. You’ll be amazed by the amount of vegetables grown on the slopes of these ravines.
Surprisingly there is a restaurant all the way up there and food was great. A little over price for the Guatemalan traveler, but you foreigners won’t mind paying Q70/$9 for a wonderful meal: large piece of chicken with mushroom sauce, a salad, fried potatoes, rice and a large piece of sweet corn, and of course; you get your tortillas, chirmol and chile en escabeche. Q20/$2.55 for a bottle of beer.
Oh, by the way, there is an entrance fee of Q25/3.22 for nationals and double it for foreigners.
One more thing, the waters are supposed to be medicinal because of their rich mineral content, specially sulfur and yeah, I did try it, I did drink them and I’m still ok to write this post.
Tchin Tchin..

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