Stone Church

A quick story for you

Early last year, I ventured into a mountain on the highlands of Guatemala. I went solo, as I am use to. A friend who lives in the town near by told me about this sacred Mayan site, though she had never been there. I walk for a few miles on a dirt road with not one single vehicle transiting the area. There is no mark path to this sacred site. I was lucky enough to have found local campesinos -peasants- who kept telling me where to turn to find the path to the site. It was not easy, directions where: “enter the mountain when you see a large avocado tree” and things like that..

After a couple of miles into the moutain, after leaving the dirt road, I was completely disoriented. There is no clear way to get there, the site is sacred to followers of Mayan rituals and traditions, not widely accepted. By pure chance I stumbled upon three peasant cutting firewood and I asked for directions: “No va a encontrar el camino, porque no esta muy marcado el sendero.” you are not going to find your way because the path is not distinguishable. they talked to each other for a few seconds in their native language and they tell me: Nosotros lo llevamos, We will take you there.

It wasn’t any close, we had to hiked on trails no apt for inexperienced hikers but we got there.

the name of the sacred stone translates to something like Stone Church, Ab ‘ej.

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