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The Hood

Friday, April 25th, 2014

I’m starting a photographic series of my neighborhood.

I’ll start with the sports fields.

Most new residential complexes here in Guatemala lack parks and recreation areas, well; a lot of newer housing projects call “parks” to some small patches of grass and a few recently planted trees.

The old neighborhoods were known to have large parks and recreation areas. Where I live is one of them. We are lucky enough to have a full size soccer field -which I’ve never seen being used-, we have a basketball yard, which is used as a “papi futbol” a version of soccer played on a smaller yard and played very fast, and we have a good size park full of old trees and large areas of grass.

I still don’t know the details of the papi futbol season, but last few days I’ve seen games being played there, and today I had to go check them out.

Games are played at night because many of the players can only do so after work hours.