Guatemala City’s Bicitour Nocturno

Last night I went to Guatemala City’s night bicycle tour.
An event to motivate people to use bicycles as primary commuting method.
Rain was constant all afternoon and there were rumors that the event would be canceled due to the rains, in fact, a lot of riders left the meeting point believing the ride was canceled.

A few of us, may five hundred riders, remained. The ride was to start at 7 pm, we waited until 7:50 and the ride was on!
I had no chance to take photographs of the ride because the rain did not give us a break, but I managed to take a photo after the event when the rain finally stopped.

I’m glad there are enough people out there who are truly passionate about cycling, no rain would stop them!

Oh, by the way, the sandwiches and apples offered courtesy of the local municipality was a great touch and thanks to one of the sponsor, Eli got several free bottles of iced tea.

Guatemala City's Bicitour Nocturno

Guatemala City’s Bicitour Nocturno

Bicitour Nocturno Guatemala

Bicitour Nocturno Guatemala

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  • tony

    estuvo super !! el recorrido bajo la lluvia 😀