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Laguna del Pino

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Laguna del Pino is a beautiful and peaceful lagoon, less than an hour drive from Guatemala City.
Its waters are calm and clean, so clear you can see the bottom, even from the deepest point.
The water is perfect for swimming, though I would advice not venturing way off shore, there are a lot of seaweeds and one can easily get tangle up with them.
There is a healthy population of fish here, and on weekends, local fishermen offer their daily catch to visitors for a great price. There are large prawns too, they look delicious, I really hate I was not ready for cooking. Local children were catching them and they had a plastic bag full of them. I’ll try them next time I visit the area.
This place is great for a family barbecue, rafting or canoeing, or my favorite; snorkeling. Oh, and if you do snorkeling, you can catch lots of mollusk for a great soup or ceviche.