Kaminaljuyu or City of the Dead was an important Mayan City located at the intersection of the trading routes of the Mayan Cities of the North, South, and the Highlands and there is evidence of trade with the Mexican City of Teotihuacan, more than 650 miles away.
This Mayan urban center was more than 5 square kilometers. Most of it was assimilated by the modern city of Guatemala and of its 200+ identified structures only 33 remain.
The protected area of this ancient Mayan City is only a couple of street blocks.

The site still sacred for followers of Mayan Religions and rituals, you can see Mayan Ceremonies being performed every day and if you pay attention to detail, you’ll see offerings of flowers and pine needles (to cleanse the site) next to trees.

Feeling Wrath and Awe
You are at awe when you imagine the wealth of this city and you can see this wealth on the thousands and thousands of pieces of fine Mayan Pottery scattered on the soil. And for modern society this is worth crap!

Conveniently located, it is very easy to get to and bypassed by many tourist, nationals and foreign. Don’t miss a chance to visit the site. If there is no traffic, it won’t take you more than 15 minutes from the airport or Downtown Guatemala City.

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