Pacaya Volcano

Volcan de Pacaya is the closest to Guatemala City and it happens to be the largest most active. This volcano constantly causes trouble to near by villages and towns. In the year 2010, a series of small eruptions, culminated with an eruption that ejected debris in a column 1500 meters high. This large eruption caused ash and sand rains that cover all its surroundings, including Guatemala City, with several inches of volcanic sands.

The views from this location are incredible, you have a clear view of Like Amatitlan, you can see the entire Guatemala City and the neighboring volcanoes.

the slops of the volcano are pastures for horses, which tourist may rent out for a modest sum.

Don’t do what Eli does

Going at night might raise some risk, specially in the rainy season and dense fogs may get people disoriented and it is very easy to get lost and end up at a unwanted situation. Last night hike started about 6 o’clock pm. and we were engulfed on this think fog that did not allow us to see more than 10 feet around us. Luckily our guide was very experienced and knew the trails very well, enough to navigate them blind as we were. So make sure you only hike up the volcano when conditions are optimum.
Eli goes hiking up the volcano with no jacket and nights can become incredibly cold and insanely windy, so make sure you bring a good jacket.
And of course, Eli wares shorts. Don’t you dare; unless you want your legs to be cover by this ubiquitous Chichicaste -Nettle, Urtica dioica- which flanks your every step.
This is an active volcano and eruptions can occur at any time and gas-clouds can suffocate a human being in seconds, so don’t you dare -an it is prohibited as-well- to hike up the volcano’s crater.

The terrain might be a little demanding, I’ll advice you not to bring your nicest pair of shoes because surely they’ll get ruined. And if you decide to spend the night, there is a shelter on a hill next to the crater that provides you with a great view (unless fog like yesterday), well, you can set up camp outside the shelter because it’s roof collapsed during last major eruption.

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