Acatenango Volcano

Volcano's crater.
Acatenango Volcano is Guatemala’s third highest pick, towering 3,976 m (13,045 ft) in altitude.
Last eruption occurred in 1972, which sent volcanic ash on a 25 kilometers radius.

Only a few small vents remain at the summit and there is no clear evidence for potential eruptions, so, hiking up the summit should not represent a major risk.

Most people who know something about Guatemala’s Volcanoes claim that this one has the best view of them all. I strongly object, I think nothing beats the view from the summit of Tajumulco Volcano, Guatemala’s highest, but I do have to accept that the view from the summit of Acatenango facing Volcan de Fuego (Fire Volcano), a very active volcano, constantly sending large, massive clouds of gasses up in the atmosphere, is a very good contender.

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