21k Guatemala

Today was Guatemala City’s 21k race, one of the most important sporting events on the region.

And of course, the runners who win are always the Kenyans.
I saw them after they had run half of the track (10.5 Km.) I took a couple of photos of them and I ran to take second shots but I couldn’t catch up with them!

This event is well recognized, there are runners from all over the world and today there were more than 11 thousand runners; about 8 thousand registered runners and a whole bunch who just do it for fun.

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  • NYChapin

    So, in other words, there were 3, 000 colados ! As a kid I ran my first race, I believe in 1982. It was the inaugural Michelin 5 or 10 K in Guatemala. I am proud to say I came in next to last ( penultimo) I am not making this up. I was entering the finish line and saw my mom standing on the side of the road, she was waiting for the bus already. She told me ” everybody came in and I figured you had drop out.” But don’t feel bad, on my next race I won third place on a national cross country race, held at parque Florencia, while representing the Departamento de Guatemala.

    • Elí Orozco

      Wow! That’s an amazing achievement.
      I don’t even bother to try running on any of those events.
      I jusr don’t have the will power.