Danza de los Diablos

Danza de los Diablos

Danza de los Diablos

Today I went to an independence day celebration held at Guatemala City’s Teatro Nacional.

To my surprise, the Ballet Moderno y Folklórico of Guatemala performed my favorite Mayan Q’eqchi’ Dance.
This dance can be traced to before colonial times, and its meaning is quite exquisite. Each of the dancer is to represent a demon, the interesting part is on the name of each of the demons; each one representing ills affecting the local population and the main character of the dance, the Mayor Demon’s name Laj xik’ translates as “Bat”. There is a large bat population on the areas around where this dance originates, and some how, Mayans knew these bats were the carriers of the diseases affecting them.

Too bad tonight’s version did not come with the pyrotechnics.

And yeah, Mayans where playing with fire on the stage before Rammstein.

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