Holiday Real Estate, Guatemala

I don’t want to sound as a Real Estate Agent, but I feel obliged to tell you about it.

There are a few vacationing real estate projects in Guatemala, most of them situated on the  Pacific Coast, about an hour drive from Guatemala City.

What’s amazing about owning property on one of these places, is all the good things that come with it.

More than a decade ago, when I was just a teen, I used some of my saving to buy a small plot of land on one of these new real estate projects on Guatemala’s Pacific Coast.

I think that decision was a great one. The land is not overly expensive, in today’s market you can buy property on one of those projects for less than $6,000 U.S. of A. Dollars. Not much for those of you in the developed world.  In a lot of these places you get life time membership to use their facilities. In my case, I get access to about 8 different water-parks and tourist centers (swimming pools), free kayak rentals, a 9 points Zip-lining for a modest price of Q20 ( $2.60) and one can do the circuit as many times as one wants, and the thing I love the most; my complex has a botanical garden full of mango trees. During mango season, I get hundreds of them to bring home, and of course, all of it comes free for property owners. And yeah, coconuts are everywhere for the taking: bring a bottle of rum and mix it up with them coconut water. What else would you need.


The only thing I hate is that the water park closes to my plot of land is down for maintenance on Mondays. This forces me to drive (or walk) 2 kilometers to the second nearest water park, which is open every day.  2 kilometers! Unacceptable, right?

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