Farmers Market at Paseo Cayalá: Cheese

Farmers Market at Paseo Cayalá: Cheese by Elí Orozco

At this outdoor market at Paseo Cayalá you can find dozens of small independent producers; among them is this cheese manufacturer.

Their cheeses are of great quality and very flavorful. They come from dairy cows from Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan Region. As many of you have noticed, I am a cheese lover and I’ve raised complaints about the lack of good quality cheese here in Guatemala. But I am very surprised and happy about this small producer making this amazing cheese. I think some of their cheese needs a little more aging, but maybe the Guatemalan palate is not  ready for the complexity of fine aged cheese, but over all, they all were great!

This producer is giving the first steps to provide us with fine cheese and Guatemalan made!

By the way, my favorites were the Junaal and the Tolimo. Where to find them? Well, you just have to ask me.

bon appétit.

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