Popol Wuj

Popol Wuj By Lina Barrios
The Popol Wuj, sacred book of the Mayan K’iche’ people. The original version of the book was lost to history, but the first copy made of this book is safe at a library in the U.S. of A.

Most Guatemalan society is unaware of the content of the book but there are efforts to educate and show this important part of our ancestor’s legacy.
Renown Guatemalan anthropologist Lina Barrios offers free lectures regarding the Popol Wuj.
Very entertaining and you learn a lot. Many of the places mentioned on the book are real, hills, mountains and rivers and there is a linage of kings that can be trace to modern times.
There is a very rich history behind this book worth learning.
Popol Wuj By Lina Barrios

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  • NYChapin

    wow, que buena onda ! I wish I could attend.
    Regarding the ” safe at a US. of A. library” comment.
    Safe from what or whom ?
    someone stealing our History or safe from US Chapines learning about it?

    Como dice la cancion ” Vamos a platicar”

  • Elí Orozco

    Safe from us, NYChapin, safe from us.
    The book is well kept at a climate controlled facility. I know is part of our legacy, but I also believe it is part of human’s kind heritage and we Guatemalans have proven not to be worth safeguarding any thus far.

  • Elí Orozco

    Oh, let me add something: Did you know that in Argentine, it is mandatory to study the Popol Wuj, while in Guatemala is rarely read in the class room? And I also learnt that in Italy, there are schools that perform plays based on the Popol Wuj.

  • NYChapin

    Eli, I did not know about Italy and Argentina teaching the Popol Wuj. I think I once read that there are some Maya communities in the US who also read and study the Popol Wuj. Last time we met at Tretto Cafe, I bought a new copy of the Sam Colop version. I would love to get a group together and read it. See if you can find out for me any online streaming or Skype options to join such a group !

    Or, if you are interested, you can join me and we can break-in into the Newberry Library in Chicago and take back the book, je je Actually, it is believed that this manuscript by Dominican father Francisco Ximenez is a transcription into Latin and Spanish of an earlier version made by a Maya, who translated it from Maya codices into Latin ( per the library’s website)

    The original copy of the Popol Wuj lives in the heart of the Maya.

    • Elí Orozco

      Indeed NYChapin, in fact, many of the stories told in the Popol Wuj are still told by elders in Mayan communities, elders who have never seen the book or even heard about it. And actually, many scenes depicted in Mayan dress (guipil) also appear in the Popol Wuj.

      You just let me know when and will take that book back to Gt.