Viento en Contra, on Pacaya Volcano

Viento en Contra
Viento en Contra is one of Guatemala’s most renown music bands.
They play a short concert today on Pacaya Volcano, a very active volcano a short drive from Guatemala City.

The event was beautifully orchestrated. There was personnel all along the route to guide people on the right path, there were water station attended by these gorgeous models, edecanes Guatemalans called them, and there were a lot of horses available for people who could not hike all the way up. And playing this great music having the crater of an active volcano as background is something memorable.

I am not very familiar with their music, too many years in the U.S. of A. kept me isolated, but from what I heard played today, I’m sure I’ll start listening more of their tunes.

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  • Henry

    Una de las mejores presentaciones de viento en contra.

    • Elí Orozco

      Efectivamente Henry. Muy buen concierto y me quedado con ganas de escuchar mas canciones.